NestWorth Home Equity Sharing Option Agreements for Seniors


There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.

- Jane Austen

NestWorth Home Equity Sharing Option Agreements for Seniors are real estate equity-sharing contracts that allow homeowners 72 and up to use the equity built up in their homes to pay living and care expenses while they continue to age in place. Clients are evaluated on home value, zip code, and unique and proprietary longevity algorithms. Based on the amount of equity in the home and the homeowner’s age, NestWorth will pay the homeowner several thousand dollars each month of tax-deferred income, for an initial term of 10 years, and a settlement payment when the home is sold. In exchange, when the home is sold, NestWorth will receive half of its appreciated value. At the end of 10 years, Agreements can be extended; owners do not have to move and their homes will continue to appreciate. NestWorth will partner with each senior client to make sure that the home is well-maintained and in good repair, so that it continues to appreciate and to be a sound place to live, and will make sure that the balance of the value of the home is available to the heirs. This unique partnership guarantees income certainty and inheritance certainty for clients.

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NestWorth Home Equity Sharing Option Agreements for Seniors will be available in 2016.